YouV2 Preview Review

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Yesterday, on Beachbody On Demand, there was an exclusive preview of the newest program, YouV2. It was available as part of the Challenge Du Jour for 24 hours. So naturally I wanted to see what it is all about. Leandro Carvalho is the BB Super Trainer leading this program. Leandro has an infectious personality – he is fun, has a huge smile, and can shake the heck out of his hips!

YOUv2 addresses the whole you, mind and body. The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) & JUST EAT! Meal Guide is your on-ramp to eating better and feeling better. It’s not a strict diet. It’s designed to help you make small, simple changes over 4 weeks with 4 easy steps. These help you create new healthy habits that will become second nature. You’ll get easy-to-make healthy recipes, too.

The workout that was available for preview was Work It – $hake It. It clocks in at 30 minutes. Within 10 minutes I was sweating and my breathing was labored, meaning the workout was working. The choreography was easy and simple to follow and is fun and easy for someone who is just getting started on their journey.

I invited my girls to join me and they had a blast. It was easy for them to follow along. Did they get all of the choreography right? No, but they were moving and we were laughing, smiling and most importantly spending some quality time together. The program will feature workouts for children on Beachbody On Demand (BOD) and being the state we are in with children being much more sedentary nowadays, this will hopefully help families workout together.

What I LOVE most about this program is that there are women who aren’t at their weight loss goals. These women are all shapes and sizes showing you that getting started and being active at any is entirely possible!

So if you missed it you don’t have to long to wait. The program launches May 16th. I am hosting a YouV2 challenge group specifically for people who have more than 30 pounds to lose.

Fill out the application below and I will be in touch with you! Get ready to upgrade to a whole new version of YOU! I can’t wait for your to start this journey!

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