Meet Pam

First and most important, I am a wife and mom of two daughters: Cadence & Josephine. Growing up overweight and continuing that path throughout most of my young adulthood, I decided to make a change for my 30th birthday which resulted in a new found passion and a job that I absolutely love! Inspiring and motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Formerly, I worked in elementary and early childhood education. However, I decided to not to return to teaching after having my second daughter to focus on raising my girls.  Yearning for adult interaction, I decided to utilize my YMCA membership and as they say, the rest is history. I found an incredible passion for living a healthy and fit life.  At the Y, I was able to take a variety of classes and find what I truly loved and what worked for me. While I was fortunate enough to have a supportive community who pushed me every step of the way and cheered on my success and picked me up when I needed it, not everyone has that type of community. Now I am able to motivate others as I took my passion and began a new career. I am an AFAA group exercise instructor, as well as certified in Madd Dog Spinning and PiYo Live. 

Beachbody came into my life in 2014 with PiYo – a friend of mine had the DVDs and leant them to me . I wasn’t tracking the workouts, or even following the schedule exactly, but I ended up running my fastest 5k that October! As much as I loved the workouts, it was hard to fit in with teaching 3 Spinning classes AND running, plus doing the mom thing (read: school drop off/pick up, taking the girls to their activities, laundry, cleaning, etc). And then I had a lack of judgement and decided to sign up for another half marathon in October 2015. So I dusted the PiYo DVDs off and followed a hybrid calendar that combined running and PiYo. And that’s when my love affair with PiYo (AND at-home workouts) began. When I found out I could teach PiYo, I found the next available certification class and signed up. 

As a PiYo Live instructor, I then realized the community that Team Beachbody offers and it is like no other. It is a supportive, motivational, and inspirational environment like no other and I just had to be a part of it. Now, it is my time to pay it forward for all the support I received six years ago.