Shift Shop Preview

From the promo video that was sizzled at Super Saturday a few months ago, I was super intrigued by the new program, Shift Shop. Shift Shop is for anyone that wants to ramp up their fitness fast. In three short weeks you progress from basic 25 minute workouts to advanced 45 minute routines – all while honing your nutrition for optimal results.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, Shift Shop will be your on-ramp to fitness. If you’ve spent some time away from your regular routine, Chris will lead through a fitness tune-up. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an easy commitment to jump-start their regimen.

Shift Shop was created by Chris Downing, who is Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer. Like with any new-to-you trainer, it takes a bit to get used to them and their way of motivating and instructing. Chris didn’t disappoint with motivating and pushing you to be your best. I definitely want to see more from him. One- 25 minute workout only gives you so much time to experience them.

Today’s preview was Speed :25. You guessed it – a workout clocking in at 25 minutes. The workout consisted of 1-minute intervals designed to work your entire body and make you break a sweat. The moves were either bodyweight or speed/agility moves: bear crawls, burpees, and the Ali shuffle just to name a few. There’s about a 1-minute break between moves. If that is too much time in between, you can always do a light jog in between the moves. Each workout will feature a “Shop Rule” which today’s was “Try Before You Modify”. Just try ONE rep of each move before you modify. You never know what you are capable of until you try. You may amaze yourself or you may be right and need to modify certain moves, but if you don’t try you won’t know. Here’s a quickie of the workout this morning.

After previewing the workout this morning, I cannot wait for the full program to launch July 12th. I also cannot wait to workout with Chris in New Orleans at Summit.

Only a few hours left before the preview is no longer available. Get your 14-day FREE trial and print out your Agility Markers!

The motto: Rebuild your body. Reinvent your life.The program: #shiftshop A sweaty 25 minutes pushing myself in every move and not let my mind takeover.••Today is an exclusive preview for the new program that will launch July 12th, only for beachbody on demand subscribers. ••Let's make the shift together. Challenge group forming now!

Posted by MaxiMom Fitness on Monday, June 19, 2017

Ready to make the shift in your life? Shift your mind. Change your life. Let’s do it together. Join my Shift Shop Challenge group. Challenge groups are the bread and butter to your success, giving you the daily motivation and support to keep you on the path to reach your goals.

Interested in trying Shift Shop when it launches? Shift Shop will be available in the member library of Beachbody on Demand, that’s really the best way to get it. See my post about Beachbody On Demand.

Point being, why buy the program on its own when you can get access to so many other programs as well for around the same price. And, if you get an All-Access pass to Beachbody on Demand, you’ll also have access to every single program ever created by Beachbody.