{recipe} Asian Ginger Vinaigrette

A few weeks ago, Dave made this fantastic miso-soy marinated steak for lunches – it was one of our favorite lunches we had in a long time. When we were planning our menu for the week, we both  said we were craving it. Then planning our dinner menu, we knew it would make a great addition to our Asian-stye salad. Lately we have been trying to grill the meat that will be on our salad ahead of time to help save time during the week. With our after school activities and Dave’s soccer schedule, it’s hectic to say the least!

This salad is very simple — we take our “standard salad” which includes greens, grape tomatoes, onions and add shredded carrots, cubed Asian pear and chopped peanuts. The pear gives the salad a sweetness, while the unsalted peanuts add a bit of a crunch.

SO DELICIOUS! This isn’t one salad that we make often – we get caught up in having the same few salads on a weekly rotation This was a nice change up from our usuals.

Now let’s talk nutrition on the dressings….

I chose to compare my Asian Ginger Vinaigrette with Kraft’s Asian Sesame Vinaigrette. Homemade dressing on the left and the store bought dressing on the right. I also included the ingredients for both dressings below the nutritional information.

About 4 less calories per serving and a little less fat too. Look at the sodium content of the store bought dressing – that’s a 200mg difference! WOW!

The third ingredient is, once again, sugar in the Kraft dressing! Yikes!

When I was researching the dressings, I found Wish Bone’s Light Asian Ginger Vinaigrette, which was very similar to the nutrition of my dressing. However, Wish Bone’s has caramel color, orange juice concentrate, and many other artificial ingredients! It’s safe to say that taking the few extra minutes to make your dressing is the way to go! You will avoid unwanted chemicals and ingredients.