Core De Force Round 2, Day 6.

If you follow me on insta or Facebook, you know that my husband and I started court to force last Thursday. This is my second round of the MMA inspired workout program, but Dave’s first. I wanted him to complete it with me back in the fall when it first came out, but he was following a lifting regimen. Two weeks ago he asked what my fitness program plans were for the next few weeks. I had just started another round of 21 day fix extreme with the intention of finishing it for the third time. After he mentioned starting CDF and if I wanted to do it with him. I didn’t even have to think twice before saying, “OF COURSE!”

We just finished day six of the deluxe calendar. Today was the first day of the agility ladder workouts and hopefully Dave isn’t second guessing asking me to join him. The agility ladder and I do not mix well. It became apparent when I messed up the ladder for what felt like the 527th time this morning and I got really frustrated. I was actually in the middle of video-ing for my daily workout so it was all caught on video… and then I watched in back and realized how ridiculous I was being for getting so frustrated. But I am human. Some days I struggle. Some days I crush it. Tomorrow is a new day!