Valentine’s Workouts

Planning a Valentine’s Day that is memorable and romantic doesn’t have to revolve around food.  Sure, wining and dining is a delicious way to celebrate your special someone.  But why not make a true experience and head out for a game of laser tag or hit the local ice rink. 

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine, boyfriend or not.  This year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th Valentine’s Day together.  Our Valentine’s Day celebrations started out strong; for our first Valentine’s Day we went to Disney World together.  Honestly it was probably one of the crazier things either of us have done, especially only dating for six months and being on the college kid budget. 

Our next Valentine’s Day went hilariously wrong.  We couldn’t get reservations for this one Italian restaurant that I had been dying to go to with Dave.  He must have called a half dozen restaurants when he finally found a reservation at a restaurant in Bloomfield.  After being seated at our table, we quickly perused the menu only to find that it was a pre-fixe menu.  So we got up and walked out.  Kind of feeling defeated, we decided to go see “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.  As we waited to be let into the theater just as the previous showing was exiting, we hear, (**Spoiler alert if you have yet to see the movie 13 years later**) “Oh, I am so glad they ended up together!” Yes, I am being totally serious and at this point we couldn’t help but laugh about it and enjoy the movie!  How to Lose a Guy is still one of our most favorite movies to this day!  Finally we ended up eating dinner close to 10pm that night at Romano’s Macaroni Grill!

I remember a handful of Valentine’s Days between those two and last years.  Last year’s was quite possibly my favorite Valentine’s Day yet.  We took our daughters out for a diner breakfast (one of our favorite family things to do) and dropped them off at my in-laws for the day.  Quickly changed into our running clothes and off we went on our 6.5 mile run.  Running with Dave has got to be one of my favorite things to do.  We rarely get to run together, but I love that time because we aren’t being interrupted by kids fighting, or needing our attention in some other way.  It’s just the two of us sharing stories, dreams, ideas, away from all other distractions.  As we were finishing up the last two miles, it started to snow lightly, which just brings a peacefulness to the world. 

Need some fun and exciting active date ideas to “WOW!” your special someone?  Check out my list of favorite indoor and outdoor activities:

  • Take a Hike
    Get a great workout for your heart and legs while hiking on a beautiful trail.  Winter is a peaceful time of year to hit a trail, and the best part is it’s little to no cost.
  • Walk or Run a 5k
    Having someone to walk or run with can make it that much more exciting to lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement.  Head out to the local park or track, or join a 5k and support a great cause!
  • Ice Skating
  • Hit the gym & complete this workout:
    Total Body Couples Workout
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Laser Tag
  • Partner Yoga
    Connect with each other on the mat and make your emotional connection a little stronger.  If your local studio doesn’t offer partner yoga, try either of these yoga partner routines:
    Couples Yoga Routine
    10 Perfect Partner Poses
  • Hit the local bowling alley

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, no matter if you have a significant other or not.  If not, grab your friends and head out and make a memory that will last a lifetime!