What’s new in BOD?

BOD, or Beachbody On Demand, releases new content quite often. Not only is it the Netflix of fitness meaning you can access any Beachbody program they have ever created as part of your subscription, but they also bring new content, sometimes it’s a BOD exclusive workout or recipe.

So what’s new this week in BOD?

  1. Fixate’s Cinco de Mayo Recipe Collection 
    • Celebrating every single holiday doesn’t mean that you have to splurge every single time. Nowadays there is a holiday for everything (Hello, May the 4th?) and I don’t know about you, but if I went out every single day I would be back to my old weight and ways, and broke!
      Mexican food has dishes that are smothered in cheese and sometimes deep fried. Not with these Fixate recipes! You can still be festive without the extra calories. There’s a recipe for chicken mole, guacamole, chicken enchiladas, and the one I cannot wait to try – Mexican Street Corn! 

    • New Yoga Classes added
      • Ted released three new yoga classes to his already great class selection. Yoga for Cyclists is a 30 min. flow and stretch class will help strengthen your core and help loosen your hips, hamstrings, neck, and spine. Although I do not do as much Spinning as I used to, I am most excited to try that one out. It sounds perfect for all my tight spots from my workout program. Yoga for Runners will help your body restore back to balance focusing on stretching the hamstrings and hips and clocks in at 24 minutes. And lastly, Yoga for Weekend Warriors, which is a 30 minute class to help you build strength and increase flexibility so you can go out and play hard on the weekends without getting injured.
    • Kids & Family 
      • Fitness for the whole family! Get everyone moving with basic exercise & dance moves. Help get your kids excited about exercise and give them a fun way to burn off that excess energy! Make family time a healthy habit!
        Coming May 16th is the newest program, YouV2, which will include kid-friendly workout. My girls are looking forward to those too!

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