Unicorn Shakeology

Has your Facebook feed flooded with friends trying the new Unicorn Frap from Starbucks? Have YOU joined the latest trend?

I have to admit that I thought about it for a minute – it’s so pretty! I thought about taking my girls, who are completely unicorn obsessed, and then I happened to see the nutrition stats online. Now, I am a YOLO type of girl and I love a special treat every now and even though this will only be around for a very limited time, I just couldn’t do it. With over 15 teaspoons of sugar, I just couldn’t do it. That’s MORE than a 12-oz can of Coca Cola or  a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar. You know how sweet those are – now imagine the Unicorn Frap.




So what IS that magical ingredient? Sugar. Did you know the American Heart Association recommends that we consume between 24-36g of added sugar per day. That’s about 6-9 teaspoons per day. The Unicorn Frap has over 1 1/2 more sugar than you should consume in one day. I can guarantee that the magical drink will leave you feeling anything but.

I believe Shakeology is basically the unicorn of shakes. With over 70 Superfoods, it will leave you feeling blissful instead of fighting off a wicked sugar crash after indulging in over 59g of sugar. Not to mention all the artificial food colorings and flavorings. ShakeO helps curb my appetite and cravings, as well as helped my hair grow in beautifully.


Just in case you feel like you missed out on the trend, here is a magical, healthy Unicorn Shakeology recipe. My daughters and I tried it today. They were in awe of the color changing and the layers of their shakes. But did they LIKE it?

Unicorn Shakeology

1 scoop vanilla Shakeology – divided into thirds
1/3 cup blackberries (frozen or fresh)
1/3 cup mango  (frozen or fresh)
1/3 cup strawberries or raspberries (frozen or fresh)
12 oz unsweetened almond milk or water – divided into thirds
6 ice cubes – 2 per mini shake

Blend 1/3 scoop of Shakeology + fruit + milk (4 oz.) + ice in blender. Pour each in your glass creating a layered effect.


 Josie loved the Unicorn ShakeO! She drank all of hers! On the other hand, I wish I had a picture of Cadence’s face when she tried hers. I didn’t have my camera ready in time and I couldn’t stage it. At least she tried it!

More info on ShakeO? Click here.