Test Drive Beachbody On Demand

Before you commit to anything you want to try it out, right? Take it for a test drive if you will.

Well, you are in luck. Not only can you test drive BOD, you can do so for 30 days without any obligation to commit!

Beachbody On Demand is a complete game changer when it comes to at-home fitness. Honestly, it is. When I first started doing at-home workouts with Beachbody, I had to pop the DVD into my computer (I worked out in my living room where there wasn’t a tv) and wait for it to load. Sounds archaic, right? I know.

Beachbody On Demand (BOD) is a streaming video service, but for workout programs. You can take your workout outside on a beautiful weather day, on your business trip, or even your family vacation. Anywhere you can bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can access BOD.

I love having all-access BOD. There are no excuses to skip a workout. Last year, we went down the shore for a week on our family vacation. Our beach house rental had this beautiful, large deck. Every morning, after my husband and I had our morning cup of coffee, I moved the Adirondack chairs and got my sweat on. Being I had just finished my second round of 21 Day Fix Extreme before our vacation, I decided to not commit to a new program till we returned home. The beauty of BOD is that there are so many fantastic, challenging workouts in the Member Library that I was able to decide once I was ready to workout. And that’s where I fell in love with Turbo Fire.

What are the benefits of Beachbody On Demand?

1.It’s like Netflix but for workout programs. If you’ve been trying to get in shape but just aren’t sure what to do when you’re at the gym, can’t make it to the group classes at the gym, or you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough with your workouts then the free Beachbody On Demand trial is perfect for you! You will be challenged! You will sweat! You will see some amazing changes!

2. Get the meal plans, food lists, workout calendars, fitness tips and recipes from each and every one of the programs available on Beachbody On Demand. Every single program comes with downloadable PDF’s that include all of the booklets that would have come with the physical version of the workout program. Most of the programs use the portion-fix container system which takes the guesswork out of eating. No calories to count, no points to figure out. Easy peasy.

3. Learn how to cook healthy meals!
 Yes Beachbody On Demand has a cooking show called Fixate! Super trainer Autumn Calabrese and her chef brother, Bobby Calabrese, create delicious, but healthy meals. Most of them are super simple and fast to whip up. There’s everything from healthy lunches for the kids to decadent desserts to cocktails.

4. Learn how to meal prep & clean out your pantry! Fixate also has some foundational videos showing you how to meal prep your food for the week two different ways.  There’s also a video all about making sure your pantry is on point! You’ll learn which foods you should stock up on and which you should toss.

5. Do your workouts from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with the Beachbody On Demand app. Like I said, BOD is the “Netflix” of workout programs and is portable. The app is FREE to download on your phone or tablet! You can download all of the PDF booklets directly to your device. And if you will be without wifi you can download up to 7 workouts right onto the app!

6. Access to a Team Beachbody Coach. That’s me! As your Coach, I can virtually help you reach your health and fitness goals! Working with a Coach is proven that you will achieve better results. I help push you through moments of weakness and cheer your successes!


If, during or after the 30-day trial, you do not love the many benefits of BOD, you can cancel your Beachbody On Demand here without any obligation. Those that love their great benefits, such as Beachbody On Demand, can continue as premium Club members. After the first 30 days, premium Club members are billed.