[recipe] Roasted Garlic Dressing

garlicWhen I was a senior in college, one of my best girlfriends and I would take a bottle of champagne and head to the Garlic Rose for dinner.  As soon as we were 21 and student teaching, we thought we were the coolest.  The Garlic Rose is a small bistro in downtown Madison, New Jersey.  Each dish comes with a roasted bulb of deliciously sweet garlic.   When my husband and I first started dating, we tried a few different Italian restaurants near my college and I remember suggesting the Garlic Rose to him.  As the fantastic gentleman that he was (I mean c’mon I did end up marrying him), he obliged and took me there for dinner.  And I am pretty sure since we both reeked of garlic, I didn’t mind kissing him good night.

Here we are, almost 15 years together, I created a roasted garlic dressing for one of our many salad nights.  When he asked what kind of salad we were having, I replied with “one with a roasted garlic dressing.”  To which he replied, “You are an amazing woman.”

If all it takes is roasting some garlic, I have it pretty easy…


I wasn’t sure I would find a Roasted Garlic Dressing, but low and behold I saw Annie’s made one! Annie’s, if you aren’t familiar, is an organic company. The label clearly states no “synthetic preservatives”, but they do add xanthan gum

With my roasted garlic dressing, I omit much of the fat and calories by swapping oil for yogurt. It gives the dressing a much creamier base without taking away flavor. But honestly, roasted garlic is a strong, delicious flavor on it’s own, it doesn’t need a whole lot of extras. I could “schmear” roasted garlic on a piece of toasty bread and be in heaven! The other big difference is sodium – 180mg. difference to be exact!

Plus after you finish roasting your garlic, your house is going to smell delicious the rest of the day!