{recipe} Strawberry Basil Balsamic Dressing

Happy Sunday all! I feel like today got away from me completely! With Daylight Savings Time and waking up at 7:30am, an hour later than normal, by the time I got to my workout it was almost 9am. We had a few mishaps as we were getting ready to start our workouts and I was in such a terrible mood. Our toilet overflowed, my youngest daughter spilt chocolate milk all over the kitchen floor, and then I got a splinter in my foot. Each thing just added to the previous. Finally got to my workout (CDF: Agility Strength & CDF: Core Kinetics), but I could feel my head wasn’t in the game today. After I started checking a few things off my to-do list, my mood started to lift a bit!

Being my 5-Day Dress It Up group begins tomorrow, I wanted to “celebrate” by sharing a dressing recipe with you. I absolutely LOVE salads and creating different dressings depending on the salads and the accoutrements that will dazzle my tastebuds. My husband made a big pot of tomato sauce today and brought home the most beautiful bunch of basil from the farmer’s market. I asked nicely to use some as long as I promised to make a delicious dressing. And that I did! I made a Strawberry Basil Balsamic dressing, which is below.

In the 5-day group, we will be discussing what the health benefits are for ditching the store bought dressings. I did a side by side comparison of this homemade dressing vs. Kraft Strawberry Balsamic that you could pick up at the grocery store. My hope is that after you look at the ingredients and nutritional info, you will second guess that store bought dressing.

My dressing is on the left hand side, and the Kraft is on the right. Both dressings are 2 tablespoons for the serving size.

As you can see from the calories alone, you save 19 calories per serving alone, not to mention the amount of fat. The homemade dressing has about 104mg. less of sodium, which could be even more reduced if you omit it completely. A bonus of homemade dressings is that you can make it completely without oil, if you choose. This dressing has an added benefit of using Greek yogurt: protein!

While the carbs are 3g. higher in the homemade dressing, it comes from the fresh strawberries’ natural sugars. However, notice the difference in sugars, over 2g worth, which is all in the added sugar in the bottled dressing!

With fresh ingredients (strawberries and basil), you are getting the added health benefits from fruit and herbs that you won’t find in a bottled dressing.

Now let’s compare the ingredient lists:


Again, my dressing is on the left and the store bought on the right. What will you NOT find in a homemade dressing? Soybean oil, caramel color, and xanthan gum just to name three. What will you find in a homemade dressing? Fresh ingredients, herbs, & lots of love!

Companies need to add artificial ingredients & preservatives in order to keep it shelf stable and fresh for when it is bought and used by the consumer.

Once you begin making your dressings, you will notice the artificial tastes of bottled dressings.




To learn more about the health benefits of ditching the bottled dressings and for recipes, sign up for my 5-Day “Dress It Up” Facebook group here.