Prevailing through Easter

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way! Like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, it’s another holiday surrounded by candy. How many of you have been buying the candy for months now (because it’s been out since the middle of February)? How many bags have you had to buy because you promised yourself that you wouldn’t eat it, but broke into the bag in a weak moment of temptation, but then ended up finishing the bag.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are my absolute favorite Easter candy and I used to go through bags and bags before filling the Easter eggs and baskets with candy when my girls were little. I used to put them in a candy dish, and every time I walked by, I would grab a few and before long, I was filling up the empty bowl. Sound familiar?

And that’s when I stopped buying candy. Trust me, plenty of it finds it’s way into our house. With goodie bags from parties and special events, they get their share. They don’t need it every single day. They aren’t deprived.

Last year was the first year I bought ZERO Easter candy until the week of Easter and hid it with their Easter basket goodies. Out of sight, out of mind. If it’s not in the house, there is zero temptation. And that’s when I realized that none of us missed it. We were better off without it. IF IT’S NOT THERE, NO ONE IS GOING TO MISS IT. Just because it’s traditional to have candy in Easter eggs or baskets doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t need to conform to tradition if it doesn’t suit your family’s lifestyle.

At first I thought I was depriving my girls, but the more I thought about it, the firmer I stood by my decision. They get treats outside the house and on special occasions.

So what do I put in their baskets? Each year I try and stick with a theme. This year, the Easter Bunny is bringing jewelry boxes with a few bracelets and necklaces from Claire’s. One year I did a gardening theme because we started an herb garden with the girls. The E.B. left gardening gloves, tools, and watering cans. As far as egg for our egg hunt – I make a few with candy, but try and stick to non-food items: tattoos, Shopkins, Legos, lip balm, quarters, etc.

Dave and I started this journey 6 1/2 years ago and undid many years of unhealthy habits. I am still tempted by candy and certain foods, it’s a conscious decision to choose to stay on track. So I save myself the fight and don’t buy the candy.

How many of you are committed to prevailing through the Easter candy and going to look temptation in the face and not give in? Share one of the images from this post on Facebook and tag my FB page, MaxiMomFitness.