PiYO Live Instructor Certification

After falling in love with the at-home PiYO workouts, I decided to take the certification to teach PiYO Live in a group ex setting.

I started my journey into NYC one September Saturday morning on a 6:20am train.  I am an early bird by design, but being out and functioning before 6:30am was tough. Especially on a Saturday.  I landed in Penn Station before 8am and had plenty of time to walk to the NYSC in Grand Central.  The city was so quiet, well, quiet for the city.  When we venture into the city, it’s usually on a weekend or evening when the city is bustling with people all over.  So it was kind of peaceful especially the further away from Times Square I walked.  My walk took me through Bryant Park and then over to Grand Central.  Lately, I have been more mentally aware of experiences and really trying to be present in my mind.

I walked in to NYSC and there was a group of people just hanging out waiting in the lobby area.  The gym was supposed to open at 8am, but whoever was scheduled to open had yet to show up.  Finally about a few minutes to 9am, the guy showed up for his shift and opened the doors.

It was a fairly large group of us.  We started out the morning introducing ourselves and honestly, that is one of my favorite parts of any training – meeting people you normally would never meet.  From veteran instructors to non-instructors.  Those who have only taken PiYO Live classes and those of us who have only done the at-home dvds.  All of us there because we have one thing in common: our love of PiYO and desire to share that love with others.

The morning seemed to zip by.  Our master trainer, Kara, led us through a master class, which was awesome.  I had never done PiYO in a group setting before and I could feel the energy radiating through the room.  It was amazing! As a whole group, we went through the core moves of PiYO to focus on proper form and alignment and give cues on correcting form.  We also had a discussion on what’s next: resume, auditions, PRO team, etc.

During lunch, we were able to sign up for PRO team.  PRO team has a monthly charge of $24.95.  Without joining the PRO team, your certification is good for ONE year and you only receive the one round from the certification.  Joining the PRO team, and paying the monthly charge, your certification stays current as long as you allow.  The advantages of joining the PRO team are:

  • The Latest Rounds: Get new releases with hot new moves and music shipped to your door every other month. These will energize your class and keep them progressing and pumped up for each new PiYo LIVE class!
  • Marketing Materials: Get the word out about your class with professionally designed and branded materials at your fingertips! Business cards, eye-catching posters, and head-turning flyers will make yours the hottest class in town!
  • Discounts: Enjoy special savings on Turbo Wear®, PiYo-branded Apparel, previous PiYo LIVE Rounds, and more! If you wanna look the part, Instructor Apparel is where to start! Plus, active PRO Team members renew their Instructor status FREE!
  • Surprise Gifts: Every other month, receive a special PRO Team gift! From special music mixes to deep discounts to social media toolkits, PROs get all the perks!

After lunch, we split into larger groups and went through the Lower Body segment of Round 40.  To learn the segment, we went through the whole segment without music and/or cueing.  Then we added the music.  Third step was adding cues.  Then each group had one person teach the whole class.  Kara shared a few of her experiences with us, which is always helpful because seeing someone who is a “Master Instructor”, we never consider that they started somewhere too.

By the end of class, my head was so full of ideas, the routine, and general information.  I couldn’t wait to be able to reflect on the class and plan how to go about starting a class to teach.  Stay tuned as I have a few classes in the works!

Our class ended earlier than scheduled, which was great.  One of the ladies and I trekked back to Penn Station.  What a difference a few hours makes because Penn Station was a zoo!  As the train was leaving the station, it lost power in the tunnel and we sat for a good twenty minutes waiting.  To catch my train home, I have to change trains in Newark.  The conductors delayed the train departing Newark because of the power outage.  At least I could sit and veg out! It was such a fun day and I am really glad I went for it!

Thank you, Kara! You are a motivating and inspiring master instructor
the Jersey girls in NYC
Group break outs, practicing Lower Body
We are now PiYo Live certified!

To learn more about PiYO Live and becoming an instructor, visit PiYo Live.