Lightened Up Vodka Sauce

For Christmas, my husband got us a pasta maker, which when he first told me, I may or may not have rolled my eyes.  We pop open a bottle of wine (for us) and grape juice for the girls, put the Dinner Party station on Pandora and it has quickly become one of my favorite times of the time.  Each weekend since Christmas, we have experimented with making different types of pasta: spaghetti & meatballs, cheese ravioli, and lasagna! 

Last night, we made a lightened up version of vodka sauce.  It was delicious even without all the cream that normally goes into the sauce.  Of course, it wasn’t AS creamy, but it also wasn’t as calorie-laden as it could have been.  I didn’t mean the heaviness of the cream one bit. 

For neither of us not having an Italian bone in our bodies, we sure cook a mean sauce.  Our fresh pasta is a work in progress but at least we are enjoying our family time together making a complete mess!

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