Leadership Training

Last night I had the pleasure to attend the Leadership Training with Team Beachbody’s President of Global Sales, Jeff Hill. Every week, Jeff leads Beachbody’s National Wake Up Call (NWC). The NWC is a chance for the company to recognize Coach sales and rank advancements, as well as company announcements. Each week, a different Coach speaks about a topic. I look forward to these calls every week because they are full of important “nuggets”, as Jeff calls it.

The NJ Council hosted a Leadership Training: One Night with Jeff Hill. When I saw the event pop up on my FB feed, it was a no brainer. The theme of the evening was “Everything Starts with a Decision”. How true is that? Every single situation in our life starts with a decision. Make decisions wisely. Rather than letting the present dictate your future, allow your dreams to be the driver, instead. WE create our future. WE are responsible for our future. Time is going to pass anyway so never give up on your dreams.

Jeff shared a video with us on “The Law of the Harvest”. It was about Mr. Niebauer, an Idaho potato farmer and taking the time to prepare the crops well in order to have a plentiful harvest, work with Mother Nature, and put in the time, money and effort. During the video, we had to pick out his “nuggets”, if you will and how they relate to us as a Coach. There were so many quotes that related to me as a Coach. Here are a few that really stood out:

  • Spend the time to prepare the soil so the crops will grow. Daily preparations to ensure quality.
  • Recognize the temptation to do it easier & cheaper. Resist those temptations.
  • You will need to put in time, effort & money. Make the sacrifices to get it done.
  • Do not violate the law of the harvest. If you do, you are doomed to fail.
  • Hard work builds character.

The Law of the Harvest can relate to anyone. The very basis of the law is “You reap what you sow.” You get out what you put in and this applies to all aspects of our lives.

This also gave me the chance to reflect back on my first year as a TBB coach. I have had incredible opportunities in just one year, from earning my FREE ticket to Summit to working out with Joel & Jericho to meeting the most inspirational people.

The pinnacle, though, has been to work with many incredible men and women to help them reach their goals in health and fitness. Their physical and mental transformations are amazing and a true inspiration. Honestly, it’s why I do what I do.

I remember that feeling of desperation and being at an all-time high with my weight and an all-time low with my self-confidence. To pay it forward is the best gift.

Just like any other Beachbody event I have been to (from Super Saturdays to PiYo Live certification), I walked away with so much info and feeling incredibly empowered.