Insanity Max:30:: First Two Weeks

As you probably know, I committed myself to Insanity Max:30. Instead I probably should have committed myself to the psych ward, but this girl has goals.

Back in summer of 2014, I weighed the lowest I have ever weighed at 140 lbs and since that time, I have gained (OMG!!) 20 lbs back. I have been struggling trying to get it off, but I know it’s because my food was not on point for awhile. I am not sure I will ever get back to that weight, which isn’t necessarily my goal, but I want to feel good when I look in the mirror. Flatter core, toned thighs, and arms that don’t flap when I stretch them out to the side.

And somehow I convinced my husband to join me in this 60-day journey. Maybe that’s because we are both slightly crazy.

The insanity began last Monday with Cardio Challenge. JUST THE WARM UP ALONE – OH! MY! NONSTOP MOVING! FOR FIVE MINUTES! And then you can catch your breath, grab a sip of water, and start right back for the next 5 minute block. This cycle continues for 30 minutes. Holy. SWEAT. It was dripping from everywhere. I am sure I spewed a few curse words at Shaun T. during the workout, but I felt totally empowered when I knew it was over and I gave it my all.

Is it hard? YES. Is it a challenge? Absolutely! Is it impossible? Nope. Honestly, while it’s the hardest workout program I have completed so far because of it’s fast-pace, it’s not impossible. You push yourself through that one exercise, whether it’s for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds and give it your best. The first time you fail or stop in the workout (not during a break) is your Max Out time. For each workout in the program, you record your time. As you get stronger and leaner, you should be able to go a little bit further each workout. Your goal is to push yourself 30 seconds further each time you start up that workout.

Not only is IMax:30 a cardio and physical challenge, but it’s a mental challenge. You have to believe in yourself. You have to be able to know deep down that it’s not going to be easy, but you can do anything you want! Every day I need to believe in myself and push a little more, give a little extra and not to let self-doubt or negative thoughts creep in. And that transfers over to life too. I have to believe in myself to succeed. I have to believe and work hard so that my dreams aren’t just dreams – they are goals and they will be crushed!

This is my first time completing a Shaun T. program. In the past, I never really felt like I connected with him as a person, or a trainer. I found myself always drawn towards Chalene Johnson (hello, she is the most positive person on the planet), Autumn (her cardio/strength combo workouts are incredibly effective), and Jericho (it’s that whole ginger thing). After finishing Core De Force for a second time, I was ready for a change in my routine. And now, I am a total Shaun T. fan! He’s motivating, energetic, and pushes you to push yourself.

In the first two weeks of IMax:30, we both have beaten our Max Out times each day. I can’t wait to see what the next  49 days bring!

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