How to Stay on Track During Summer BBQs

With Memorial Day just a few days away, many of us have plans for the long weekend that include about Memorial Day BBQs. And these BBQs probably include chips and salsa, hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq ribs, potato salad, macaroni salad, and beer. Selfishly it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year. With parades and ceremonies to commemorate those who have perished for our country along with the warm weather, it marks the unofficial start to summer. It also leads up to my birthday. But any holiday weekend doesn’t need to be a loss – you can enjoy BBQ-fare without it being a complete “waist”.

Tips on how to survive a holiday weekend:

    Look at your week as a whole and make a game plan. Are you traveling? Will you be hosting (or attending) a BBQ? Plan out your meals for the week and prep your food. Know when/where you will get your workouts in.
    For me, I know that working out is non-negotiable – it keeps me feeling confident and gives me the boost of energy that I need. Whether I am going to be home, or I am traveling for the long weekend, I have my Roku TV, laptop, or smart phone where I can hook up to Beachbody On Demand and never miss a day!
  2. Eating healthy is not a punishment.
    I used to be in the mindset that the weekends were a time to let go and not stay on track, but it ended up back firing on me. Instead of being satisfied with healthy foods, my body was craving more sugar and unhealthy foods which showed on the scale big time. All the hard work that I put in during the week was gone. But changing that mindset that food is fuel helps.
    Summer cocktails are refreshing on a hot day, but they can easily derail your progress. Beer, margaritas, daiquiris, and other fruity drinks are loaded with sugar. Not only is it added (empty) calories, these drinks dehydrate you, so make sure you are drinking water in between every alcoholic drink. Vodka with a splash of seltzer and a lime is one of my favorite go to drinks.
  4. Practice the 80-20 rule.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself permission to not be perfect!  Look at your week and decide where you want to splurge at, but again, that requires having a plan. It’s all about having balance and realizing that you can’t have it all but you can enjoy life with moderation! Take a sliver of dessert,
     I started to have my Shakeology on the way to a party because I knew it would keep me full. I may even pack some healthy snacks in my bag so I know I have an option to fall back on if there are no healthy choices. I also offer to bring side dishes or desserts that are that are healthier in order to be able to stay on track. Most hosts of BBQs will gladly accept help with dishes!

You can make it through each weekend and learn as you go but you DO have to be WILLING TO CHANGE and TRY something new! Ultimately it comes down to what is important to you.  If you do what you have always done you will be where you have always been. This is half the battle of having success in your health and fitness. This is a lifestyle change, not a crash diet.