PiYo Live


PiYO is a hybrid workout that combines the mindfulness of yoga, the core strengthening of Pilates as well as strength training, conditioning, & stretching with dynamic movement.   It is a low impact, high intensity athletic workout.

Watch the clip below for a peek into a PiYO Live class.

Doesn’t that get you pumped to try a class?  What should you expect in a PiYO class?

1. Don’t expect it to be a pilates or a yoga class.
PiYO is so much more than pilates and yoga.  It encompasses so many other variables of fitness: strength, flexibility, cardio, etc.  However, expect to sweat while working every muscle in your body.

2.  It can be done barefoot, with sneakers or foot wraps.

3. No equipment necessary.
The only thing you need for the class is your body.  A yoga mat and towel are recommended.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.
This hour is all about you, your health & fitness.  The only person you want to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. 

5. Stay hydrated.
Before, during and after your workout, drink plenty of water.  Hydration is key to feeling strong. 

6. Smile/Have fun/Be positive.
Your attitude is everything!  The more fun you have and more you smile, the more calories you will burn (or so I like to think!)!!

Still have more questions about PiYo Live?  Visit our FAQs or send an email to PurePambition