Indoor Cycling

How to Survive (and enjoy)  Your First Spin Class
1.  Go in with a positive attitude
As with anything you try in life, having a positive attitude may make or break your experience.

2. Arrive early.
Showing up a few minutes early is beneficial for you and the instructor.  The instructor will help you set up your bike properly.  Don’t just guess.  The instructor will show you the different positions that will be used.  Be honest you are new.  Most likely the instructor will know you are new and should introduce him/herself.  We all had a first class.

3. Drink plenty of water before, during, & after class
Being hydrated is so important for any workout.  The general rule of hydration during an indoor cycling workout is to drink 1 oz. of water for every minute.  So a 45 minute class would require 45oz. of water.

4. Wear workout gear & bring a towel.
You’re gonna sweat.  Be prepared in clothes that wick moisture.

5. Go at your own pace.
The instructor is your motivational guide.  However, you control the resistance (load on the flywheel) & cadence (RPM or speed your pedaling).  The instructor will give you cues for how fast you should be pedaling and how much resistance is on your flywheel.  Depending on where you are cycling and the types of bikes, there are many ways for the instructor to cue.