Fit & Fun Easter egg Hunt

Last year, my niece and nephew (and their parents) were visiting for Easter and my girls requested to do an egg hunt with them. My daughters had their share of Easter egg hunts (not to mention Easter candy) all ready and it wasn’t even Easter yet. As our kids have gotten older, my brother and I decided that instead of giving gifts for the holidays to each others kids, we do an activity together, share an experience together creating memories that will last them forever. They live about an hour and a half away so the time we spend with them is limited so we want to make the best of our time together.

I found the idea from Super Healthy Kids and then added some of my own ideas. I came up with a “Fun & Fit” Easter egg hunt. The kids ranged in ages 5-12 at the time. My brother, sisiter-in-law, my husband, and I all did it with them. We were all laughing the entire time especially crab walking and bear crawling – I am sure our neighbors thought we were crazy! We all had a blast doing it together! It was a silly, fun afternoon and it hardly took any time at all to put it together.

Have a very Happy Easter!

Below you can find a downloadable PDF version!

Directions on how to complete exercises.

Click here to download the PDF version:
MaxiMom Fitness Easter egg Hunt-2