Body After Bump

Are you a busy mom striving to find the balance between creating healthy habits for you and your family, but feel guilty about taking time out for yourself? Do you struggle to find time to exercise, or plan and prep healthy meals? Are you tired of starting over again and again after giving up on your ‘diet’?

As a mom of 2, a woman who lost over 80lbs post-baby, and a former Special Education teacher turned Fitness Instructor, that is something I had to conquer! I found success in creating healthy habits that work as a busy mom and health coach.

Join me for a 5-Day Kickstart to your post bump body starting Monday, April 3rd.

In this kickstart, I will be sharing:

  • How to plan weekly menus & meal prep tips
  • A Healthy Mindset
  • Exercise Ideas for even the Busiest of Moms
  • Accountability
  • Diet Myths and Tips and Tricks that DO work.

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