Asian Style Quinoa Pasta

I have been a member of the Tone It Up community, created by the two most inspiring, motivating, and positive ladies, Karena Scott & Karena Dawn, on and off for a handful of years.  I receive the workouts and weekly emails, but don’t “check in” and never followed their nutrition plan.  Three weeks ago, I decided to dive in and buy their nutrition plan.  So far, it’s been going very well. 
One of the biggest points of their plan is to limit carbs after Meal 2.  When we were meal planning last week, my husband said he wanted to try Kelp noodles.  But neither of us were really into kelp and since we make one large dish and eat that for lunch the entire week, we needed another option.  So off to Target we go.  We found linguine made from quinoa and we both love quinoa so we decided to give it a try. And it is an easy swap for pasta.  It takes delicious and the consistency is the same as regular pasta.  It’s a very filling dish with the veggies and chicken, but not a calorie bomb with regular pasta.  I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!!

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